Commercial & Civil Litigation

Civil, Commercial & Criminal Litigation


Advocates have experience in appearing before all classes of Courts in Kenya to prosecute or defend cases on behalf of banks, financial institutions, state-owned corporations, individuals and other business establishments in a wide range of cases with a debt collection department that has experience in enforcement of securities and related litigation. Acting for banks in enforcing and recovering under security documentation.

The firm has wide experience in both commercial, civil and criminal litigation in all classes of Courts in Kenya in cases arising out of contract, Land and property matters, Leases, commercial transactions, agency, motor accidents, industrial and labour matters, election Petitions, take–over, acquisitions, administrative decisions and excesses in the realm of administrative/public law, constitutional law and References, criminal law, family law – including petitions for divorce, maintenance, alimony, custody of children, secured provisions, enforcement of children’s rights under the Children Act, Adoption proceedings and related matters, probate and Administration causes and Management of estates, workman compensation and Labour matter, insurance, and public procurement and disposal matters.

Handling general property litigation, advising receivers, administrators and liquidators on receivership and winding-up/insolvency/liquidation of companies, enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards, advising on shareholder disputes, intellectual property and passing-off disputes and employment litigation.

The firm also represents clients in litigation matters before various arbitral tribunals such as; Rent Tribunal, Business Premises Tribunal, The Co-operatives Tribunal, Public Procurement Administrative Review Board, among others.